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3 Ways To Upload Your Files

You can send your files directly to us. Three are 3 ways you can upload your files:

1. Use the upload box(es) below:

Upload your files using the box below. You can upload up to 3 files at a time. If your file(s) fails to upload, be sure it is compressed as a ZIP file. Then hit the SUBMIT button. Be sure to send us an email telling us you have uploaded files and what they are for.

Attach your file:

Attach your file:

Attach your file:

2. Use an FTP Client:

Do you need an FTP Client for use with your operating system?

Windows: CuteFTP
Macintosh: Fetch

Use these settings to connect to our FTP server:

Hostname: ellisgs.com
Username: anonymous
password: me

3. Use your web browser:

You can use your web browser to upload files to our FTP site. Use the link below. When you get to the main part of the FTP site you will see a folder called "Incoming". Open this folder, then drag-and-drop your files into it.

Click here to go to FTP.EllisGS.com with your browser now.